Minnow Kit

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The Minnow Kit is designed to help get beginning teams quickly into the water. The kit is not complete by design. The Minnow kit provides a base upon which a team can quickly design and build an ROV to compete in NURC. You will need to add an analog screen for the camera, a battery and charger, and a Cat5 tether cable.You will have to build your own ROV frame. 


The kit includes:

  • 1 x 3" Series Enclosure with Acrylic End Cap and 7-Hole End Cap

  • 3 x T100 Thrusters with ESCs

  • 1 x Lumen Subsea Light

  • 1 x Low-Light Analog Camera

  • 7 x Cable Penetrators

  • 1 x Blank Penetrator

  • 2 x Thruster Commanders

  • 1 x Power Terminal Block

  • 3 x Thruster Terminal Block

  • 2 x Joysticks