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Mission Props

Unlocking Atlantis

Here are the mission props. In order to open the links to the CAD files you will need an OnShape app 





Most of the mission objectives take place around or inside of the Ruins. The Ruins are a truncated pyramid with a base approximately 12' x 12', a height of 8', and a top that is a 6.5' x 6.5' square. An entryway that leads into the Ruins is 10' long with an square doorway that is 36" x 36" in size. The doorway is pneumatically actuated and will open or close as certain mission tasks are met.The Ruins is divided into two chambers, the Library and the Relic Chamber. The Library holds three Levers that will reveal panels with text when activated. The Relic chamber contains a marking on the divider wall for the depth measurement task as well as the Relic.On the outside of the Ruins, there are 5 Push Buttons for entering the access code along the entryway. There is also a Lever in the rear of the Ruins that will illuminate the playfield when activated.



The Push Button is constructed primarily of PVC tubing and has a 6" diameter surface for the ROV to contact. Pushing the button requires a force of approximately one pound and the button has a travel of 1". LED lights on the face of the button will indicate color, and a reed switch will detect when the button is pressed.



Made from a 1-1/4" SCH40 PVC pipe and a 1-1/2" x 3/4" oak beam pivoting on a 1/4" bolt. The Lever is 7.5" long from the pivot point to the end of the lever. The Lever has a travel of 90 degrees from the up position to the down position. A magnetic latch will hold the Lever down once it is pressed, and a reed switch will detect the motion.



The Relic is a 3" diameter, 5" tall cylinder with a 2" diameter loop on the top. It is slightly negatively buoyant. The glowing LEDs inside are powered by ancient Atlantean technology, not batteries. The Relic rests on a pedestal and a switch will detect when it has been removed.



The Fragments from the Ruins will be placed in random locations on the pool floor, but each will start located in a 24" x 24" square. Each Fragment is constructed from concrete and steel with a 2" diameter ring located on top. The weight of each Fragment (when submerged in water) is 2, 5, and 10 lbs.



The Chest will be placed in a random location on the pool floor. It is approximately 18" wide, 12" deep, and 12" tall. The lid is spring actuated and will open when a 4" x 4" panel on the front of the chest is pressed. When opened, the access code can be read as a sequence of red or blue dots.

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