What does you $200.00 entry fee get you? 

  • Up to 10 free t-shirts 

  • Lunch on Friday

  • Lunch on Saturday

  • Dinner on Saturday

  • Awards Banquet

  • Live webcast


Once you register, we will contact you for more details like t-shirt sizes etc...

Please select Marlin kit "Yes" to get 15% discount code sent to you via email. Select "No" if getting another kit or doing your own thing. 

To register click on Register button, Registering does not obligate you to pay at this time. It is basically used to find out who wants to compete

To register and or request an invoice for PO, click button below

Payment options:

You can use the NURC Entry Fee form on the left if you are paying with Paypal or credit card. If you choose to send a check, make it out to :

Si Se Puede Foundation

Please put NURC in the memo

Mail to:

Si Se Puede Foundation

PO Box 1929

Chandler, AZ 85244

If you have any questions please reach out to us at: